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Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation is pleased to announce that Diane Poillon and Janice Hamby, Rear Admiral, US Navy (Ret.), have joined the advisory board.

Jeremy Feakins, OTE's Chief Executive Officer and Group Chairman, said, "We look forward to the insights gained from both Admiral Hamby and Ms. Poillon's wide-ranging experience and leadership, and are very pleased to have them join OTE's advisory board."

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) taps into the sun’s solar energy stored in the ocean. We use the temperature differential between the warm surface water and the cold deep ocean water to make clean electricity without the use of fossil fuels.

Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) systems use cold, deep ocean water as the chemical-free solution for cooling large-scale resorts, hotels, hospitals, and data centers – in fact, anywhere large amounts of air conditioning is needed.

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Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation builds, owns, and operates clean hydrothermal energy plants worldwide to provide real, practical solutions to mankind’s three oldest and most fundamental needs: clean drinking water, plentiful food, and sustainable energy- without the use of fossil fuels.

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The technology for OTEC was proven 20 years ago. In the last two decades, significant economic and technological developments have occurred to make OTEC ready for commercialization NOW.

OTEC is becoming profitable while SWAC is already commercialized. It is operating in several locations around the world- proving to be efficient and affordable while producing fresh drinking water and clean energy.

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