Training and Gaining

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Written By: Mike Straub

This summer, U.S. Dept of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis told a committee on Capitol Hill about hundreds of thousands of people involved in apprenticeship and training programs. “Changing technology does not only bring out new industries, but it changes the way existing industries do their work. Without opportunities for life-long learning, workers have a hard time keeping up with those changes.” Translation: Keep an eye on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion and OTE Corporation. They’re leading the charge with innovation and courage.

Tired of hearing about the lousy economy and growing number of jobless people across the U.S.? Consider this post your ray of sunshine that only covers good news about a quickly emerging industry providing new employment opportunities. Retraining workers for jobs in the renewable energy industry is fast becoming a priority for many forward-thinking employers and institutions. For example, there’s quite a buzz about Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation. This firm develops OTEC systems that produce clean, sustainable base-load power and fresh, drinking water. Translation: Jobs

Additionally, Echotech Institute in Colorado (with plans to expand to Austin, TX) is the first and only college fully dedicated to training students in the renewable energy field. The college also retrains older, unemployed workers looking for new opportunities. Translation: This is not a “fad” industry.

In the end, renewable energies like OTEC provide the world with clean energy, fresh drinking water, and sustainable aquaculture. Help join the cause and learn more about OTEC on Facebook or Twitter.