Too Many Jobs!

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Written By: Mike Straub

Open up any newspaper and you will likely find a story on America’s zero job growth – unless you live in the state with the lowest unemployment rate: North Dakota. In fact, Williston, North Dakota, home to an oil boom, has a surplus of jobs attracting thousands of unemployed workers to the Bakken Oil Field. From California, Florida, Minnesota, Michigan and Wyoming, folks travel to get their hands on money.

Every day, thousands pump crude oil out of the ground and find it even more abundant than experts predicted. However, the rapid influx of newly employed residents creates issues for the small town. Houses fail to be built fast enough and school registrations skyrocket. Even the local McDonalds offers $15 per hour to draw employees to the fry station. That is the trickle-down effect of energy jobs in action.

Eventually, the Bakken will dry up and the oil workers will wait for another boom. Williston will return to its quiet ways. So, is there such thing as an endless energy boom? Can you imagine jobs and economic boosts that continue to increase?

OTEC’s Role
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) creates power out of the temperature difference in ocean water. It’s the energy “boom” without the “crudeness” of oil – not to mention the potential to create new jobs. In building the plant, workers build parts and work on-site. Once operational, the plant requires workers to keep it running, providing emission free, baseload power, 24/7/365.

Every OTEC plant sparks an energy boom. It not only creates and sustains clean energy, but it creates and sustains jobs. OTEC is gaining momentum, and it won’t be long before you open up a paper and read about the clean energy boom.

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