Blue Revolution

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Written By: Mike Straub

Pat Takahashi, Director Emeritus of the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, captures passion and inspiration with his “Blue Revolution.” Takahashi and his colleagues at the Natural Energy Institute believe harnessing the vast resources of the ocean have the power to change everyday life. At the heart of the mission lies OTEC. In the very long term, Takahashi envisions OTEC powering floating cities and helping to reduce the risk of hurricanes!

‘It’s about time.’
In 1979, Takahashi worked for Senator Spark Matsunaga of Hawaii, spearheading an OTEC bill through Congress. This led to the construction of “Mini-OTEC”, a barge off the Hawaiian coast that produced clean, emission-free electricity. Congress’ excitement helped develop the bill, planning for 10,000 megawatts of OTEC power in use by 1999. Despite missing the goal, a new wave of enthusiasm for OTEC exists, much in part to Pat’s work.

In the immediate future, Takahashi knows OTEC can solve a massive energy crisis, particularly in Japan. The nation faces years of rebuilding after the tsunami and earthquakes, and the resulting nuclear accidents have left the nation desperate for new forms of power. Takahashi believes OTEC is a must for Japan’s future, with “Blue Revolution” benefits becoming integral parts of Japanese society.

Pat Takahashi is a true visionary in the world of OTEC renewable energies. Be sure to read his Huffington Post blog, including his thoughts on Japan’s energy future, for the latest developments in his “Blue Revolution.”

Because when it comes to OTEC and changing the world, we all want to be Revolutionaries.

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