Beautiful, Innovative Hawaii

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Written By: Mike Straub

Doesn’t it make sense that America’s most beautiful state would lead the charge in making our country a little ‘greener’?

At a time when nearly every state faces unprecedented budget crunching, Hawaii continues to accelerate green energy projects and legislation. Earlier this month, Honolulu hosted the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo, gathering global green energy business leaders and visionaries. Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie started the event by announcing Hawaii would receive millions in federal grants for continued renewable energy projects. Most of the funds will expand Hawaii’s use of solar power and electric vehicle development.

“To move beyond just talking about energy independence in Hawaii, many people are now doing the intricate and necessary technical work behind the scenes,” Abercrombie said. “The partnerships we are building among government agencies, utilities and private companies are advancing our plans to grow a sustainable economy here in the islands.”

The Future & OTEC
Hawaii desperately needs to change their energy plans. Nearly all of their power comes from oil – tankers make (expensive) daily visits, supplying power plants with the fuel they require. Fortunately for Hawaiians (and the rest of the world), a strong contingent of people attended the Expo to discuss Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.

The cost of building an OTEC plant is more affordable than ever thanks to advances in deep ocean pipe development. If Governor Abercrombie wants energy independence, why not harness the power of Hawaii’s signature oceans?

The time is right for Hawaii to take the lead and build commercial OTEC plants. In doing so, they will challenge the rest of the world to keep up with the “greenest” little state in America.

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