Bob Geldof: “We need to address the problem of climate change urgently”

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Written By: Emma Websdale

Prominent humanitarian Bob Geldof admits that his generation has let down today’s youth in regards to tackling climate change and urges younger generations to take action.
4114223820Speaking at the One Young World summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, former Boomtown Rats singer and Live Aid founder expressed his thoughts on climate change and its effects on the future, among other summit speakers such as Richard Branson and former UN General Secretary Kofi Annan.

Addressing over 8,000 delegates from 189 countries, Geldof warned, “We’re in a very fraught time, there will be a mass extinction event. That could happen on your watch. The signs are that it will happen and soon.”

Claiming that the Earth as we know it could end by 2030 due to the consequences of climate change, he expressed his disappointment in his generation.

“My generation has failed more than others. You cannot let your generation fail. The next war will not be a World War 1 or a World War 2, it will be the end.”

Emphasizing the urgency of the need in addressing climate change Geldof added, “We need to address the problem of climate change urgently. What are you going to do about it? Get serious. Some of the nations that arrived here so proudly will not be there to meet us.”

Just because you may not believe that progress is possible, that should not prevent you from trying for it. The alternative is finality.”

The summit –a networking and debate event for young people –is sponsored by One Young World, a  London-based charity that gathers together young people from around the world, helping them make lasting connections to create positive change. The young delegates, backed by the One Young World Counsellors, such as Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, debate and formulate solutions for the pressing issues the world faces.

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