BMW and Solar City Create Partnership to Reduce Electric Car Costs

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Written By: Emma Websdale

German carmaker BMW and SolarCity, one of the leading US full-service solar power system providers, have created a partnership offering owners of the new electric BMW i vehicles an affordable clean energy option for powering their cars.
2166404253The BMW group, winner of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the eighth year running, is allowing owners of the new electric BMW i to access SolarCity’s most affordable solar service option. BMW i car owners taking up this offer can run their cars at a much lower cost than owners who use electricity provided by their utility company.

The new partnership makes BMW the first carmaker to introduce a comprehensive plan for electric car ownership. The plan allows BMW i customers to receive a 10% discount on SolarCity’s home solar energy, thus reducing the cost of charging the vehicle at home.

SolarCity’s home solar offer will come with flexible financing options, including 20 years of locked-in solar energy rates and no upfront installation costs. Insurance, repairs and monitoring service costs are also included in the deal.

“This partnership makes the more sustainable fuel option—emissions-free solar electricity—also the more affordable one”, says Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity.

BMW has a goal to “continually reduce emissions while increasing driving pleasure” and is committed to sustainability. With 95% of materials used to produce a BMW i3 designed to be completely recyclable, the new SolarCity package helps car owners continue to make sustainable lifestyle choices after purchasing their vehicle.

“With help from SolarCity, BMW i customers will have the opportunity to maximize the commitment to sustainability. This reinforces the entire concept behind the BMW i3, which is engineered and produced by the most sustainable manufacturing process in the automotive industry”, says Rob Healey, BMW’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Manager.

The SolarCity discount will be available with the purchase of any BMW i vehicle at all participating BMW i Centers in SolarCity’s 14-state service territory. For more information on this offer you can visit SolarCity’s website here.