80 US Clean Energy and Transportation Projects to Create Over 15,000 Jobs in Third Quarter

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Written By: Emma Websdale

Over 15,000 American jobs will be generated by 80 clean energy and transportation projects announced across 30 states in the third quarter of this year, reveals a new report.
2874161598According to a report by business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), clean energy projects in 30 American states –ranging from solar power generation to biofuels and recycling –will accelerate growth by many thousands of jobs.

Jobs within this sector include producing renewable energy from wind, geothermal, solar and biomass sources, as well as recycling.

E2, tracking job announcements from companies, elected officials and the media, found that renewable-power generation ranked first in job creation with 6,700 new jobs.

Next in line was the manufacturing sector, which announced 3,300 jobs.  This year’s third quarter totals more clean energy jobs than the same period last year, with new announcements in recycling efforts being largely responsible for the growth.

Between July and the end of September, fourteen recycling projects were announced that will create 1,300 jobs. Among them was Encore Recycling in California, estimated to create 500 jobs and to process 100 million pounds of plastic a year.

The report also stated that strong gains in power generation and solar have contributed to this year’s increase.

The leading state in clean energy job generation is California with 2,467 new jobs, followed closely by Nevada with 2,081 jobs. New York ranked third with 1,807 jobs, the bulk of them associated with Kawasaki’s US$1.8 billion investment to build the next generation of rail cars for the Long Island Railroad and Metro.

Meanwhile, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee were among the top 10 states in clean energy job growth. Collectively they announced 2,200 jobs.

“Clean energy continues to put Americans to work”, says Judith Albert, E2’s executive director.

In order for job growth to continue in the United States the report concludes that “federal policy must stabilize and individual states must aggressively implement renewable portfolio standards.”

Massachusetts is also spurring clean energy employment. According to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), the commonwealth’s efforts in renewable energy, carbon management and alternative transportation have increased clean energy jobs by 24% since 2011. The MassCEC report suggests that green jobs in the commonwealth are likely to grow by 11.1%, opening up as many as 80,000 jobs within the field.