Nemmeli Desalination Plant Increases Daily Water Production too 100 Million Liters

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Written By: Emma Websdale

A desalination plant in the city of Chennai, India, achieved a landmark production of 100 million liters a day (MLD) of fresh drinking water on Saturday, providing the residents of South Chennai with an additional 20 million liters of fresh water.

fetching-water-3-1434826The Nemmeli desalination plant, which uses reverse osmosis to convert seawater into drinking water, is set to provide residents of South Chennai with an additional 20MLD of fresh drinking water, after recently increasing its water production from 80MLD to 100MLD.

The plant’s first large increase in water production is much needed, since storage in the city’s reservoirs is dwindling.

By fine-tuning the desalination’s machinery, filters and flow to minimize wastage of desalinated water, engineers at the plant say they are confident of maintaining the plant’s water production levels at 100MLD.

“We made a lot of modifications to the pipeline, fine-tuned the machinery, cleaned debris deposits in the filters and improved the ultraviolet filters”, says Amir Basha, head of operations at the Nemmeli plant.

Established by the Chief Minister of Tamil, Nadu J. Jayalalitha, the Nemmeli desalination plant was built in February 2013. It provides piped cold, potable water to the residents of newly merged areas in Chennai.

The plant is the second in the city, the first being a 100MLD plant at Minjur that treats 100 MLD of seawater. The two plants, plus the Veeranam Lake, contribute more than 60% of the city’s water supply.