Nissan Announces 100% Electric London Cab for 2015

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Written By: Emma Websdale

Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co. confirmed Monday that it would deliver its first zero-emissions cab to London’s roads by 2015, helping to eliminate 20% of the city’s black cab exhaust fumes. 

NissanNissan plans to install an electric motor into its new gasoline-powered NV200 multi-purpose van to convert it to a 100% electric taxi. The taxi will have cleaner engine emissions than its diesel competitors.

Nissan, which already supplies taxis in New York, Barcelona, and Tokyo, says its new model should be on London streets by 2015, helping to eliminate 20% of the exhaust fumes produced by the city’s 20,000 black cabs. Levels of mono-nitrogen oxides (NOX) and particulate emissions in the new model will be up to 80% lower than in current models.

According to Business Green, the new taxi will have a range of 100 miles on a full charge, and cab drivers could drive up to 180 miles a day on an overnight charge plus one 30-minute fast charge during the day. The vehicle will also reduce fuel and running costs for cab drivers, making the electric vehicles competitive with other urban taxi fleets.

After a 2013 trial, Nissan has adapted its model to ensure its design is more in line with London’s standard black cab design. Redesigned elements include round headlights and a remodeled grill.

The launch of the e-NV200 model in 2015 will follow the late 2014 launch of its gasoline-powered version, which, Nissan states, will also deliver significant fuel efficiency to cab drivers and air quality improvements to London.

After London received a warning from the European Environment Agency that its 2013 levels of nitrogen dioxide (a toxic gas) were higher than in any other city in Europe, Mayor Boris Johnson has said he wants the city to become the electric capital of the world.

London will also test six electric buses this year, which will operate alongside new diesel-, hydrogen-, and cooking oil-powered vehicles, helping to reduce the city’s emissions.

For more information and images of the new taxi, visit Nissan’s website here.