New NRDC and EEI Statement Supports both Clean Energy and Customers

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Written By: Natalie Baer

A new joint statement between the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) aims to increase the amount of clean energy in America’s electric system. 

windmillsAnnounced last week during a joint presentation to the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners in Washington, the joint statement of major environmental group NRDC and Edison Electric Institute (the association that represents the nation’s investor-owned electric utilities) emphasizes strategies for promoting energy efficiency and clean-energy investment.

While the organizations have issued joint statements in the past, the new statement describes a bright future for both utilities and their customers, built around clean energy, energy efficiency and grid enhancements.

“This path-breaking agreement steers us toward new and innovative ways to increase and speed the deployment of clean energy resources”, says Ralph Cavanagh, co-director of NRDC’s energy program. “NRDC has long advocated for the increased integration of energy efficiency and renewable energy into the nation’s electric grid.”

In the new statement, NRDC and EEI agree to work together to encourage state utility regulators to implement policies that will boost energy reliability and not just focus on selling more electricity.

As a result, America’s clean energy resource portfolio will be diversified and energy efficiency measures will be boosted. That, in turn, will help customers use less electricity, helping to reduce both electricity costs and energy-associated greenhouse gases.

“The electric power industry’s mission is to provide safe, reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean electricity. Today utilities are partnering with customers, regulators and all stakeholders to transform the way they generate and deliver electricity”, says David Owens, executive vice president of EEI. “This agreement helps chart a path to success.”