OTE Corporation Attends the 2nd World Ocean Power Summit 2015

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By: John Matthewson

OTE Corporation (OTE) was invited to speak at the World Ocean Power Summit 2015 in Edinburgh, UK. The summit highlighted ocean renewable-energy technologies with emphasis on progression from technological concept to commercialization. The summit event gathered key industry and government leaders to discuss strategies to advance ocean energy to commercial deployment.

World Ocean Power Summit
2nd World Ocean Power Summit 2015


Key topics covered at the summit were: policy and regulation of ocean energy, global ocean energy markets, finance, funding future developments, improving infrastructure and connectivity to the grid, technology case studies, wave energy streams, technology case studies, tidal energy systems, overcoming barriers to commercial deployment, and ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC).


The summit included a series of presentations and group panel discussions from senior industry executives and experts, and additional panel discussions that emphasized open communication dialog through information exchange. OTE showcased OTEC technology with a worldwide update status presentation and discussion. Participants at the summit were given the opportunity to meet invited power companies, utilities, providers of marine technology, service providers, investors, financial stakeholders, research institutions, academia, regulators and government officials from various countries.


Dr. Johnson of OTE, who was an invited speaker, gave a presentation on the current status of OTEC technology and overcoming barriers from technological conception to commercial deployment of OTEC. Numerous countries and U.S. states and territories can reduce fossil-fuel energy dependence with OTEC technology while mitigating volatile fossil-fuel prices. With OTEC’s ancillary production of bottled and municipal water through seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) of deep seawater, OTEC meets another critical need while also improving the business case. An affordable price of electricity with OTEC technology can be achieved in many locations where the price of fossil fuel is high. OTEC technology reduces and fixes the price of electricity over the duration of a power purchase agreement (PPA). The OTEC process of producing electricity also provides clean-potable deep-ocean water for use in multiple markets such as agriculture, aquaculture, mariculture, municipal water, and bottled water. The OTEC process does not generate harmful pollutants and it is an ideal clean and sustainable source of energy.


Dr. Johnson’s conference presentation covered the update of worldwide OTEC technology. Dr. Johnson also addressed the development of OTEC technology, opportunities and challenges of the OTEC industry, OTEC commercial deployment, and financing options for OTEC technology. The summit presentation also included the history of OTEC as a proven technology from 1974 onward, the floating OTEC-1 platform and various prototype OTEC system results, countries and territories with OTEC potential, land-based and floating OTEC plants, as well as seawater air-conditioning (SWAC) technology and applications. OTE’s OTEC projects were presented and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between OTE and the U.S. Virgin Islands to design a land-based and floating OTEC plant.

The photograph below shows the Conference Chair, Lars Johanning, Associate Professor of Ocean Energy, University of Exeter, addressing the summit. In the following photographs, Dr. Johnson and Lars Johanning are greeting each other at the summit.


Lars Johanning, Associate Professor in Ocean Energy, University of Exeter
Lars Johanning, Associate Professor in Ocean Energy, University of Exeter
Dr. Johnson and Lars Johanning, Chairman of the 2nd World Ocean Power Summit 2015
Dr. Johnson and Lars Johanning, Chairman of the 2nd World Ocean Power Summit 2015