WELCOME to the first issue of our newly-designed newsletter!

We are very excited to present a newly-designed newsletter to our global community of supporters who want to see real solutions to real problems caused by the effects of climate change.

Developing countries, mostly in tropical and subtropical regions of the world where about 3 billion people live, have done the least to contribute to causing climate change. Yet, they face the biggest impacts.

The result is a changing world with rising sea levels and temperatures causing massive famine and drought. Weaker infrastructure and public services leave people in developing countries least able to adapt. Here at Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation, we are taking action now to deliver proven solutions that will help many countries cope with these issues.

Our technology includes Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). Using the ocean as our resource, OTEC delivers fossil-fuel free electricity and water for drinking, fish-farming, agriculture, and industry (read more). OTEC is well-proven with a demonstration facility operating in Hawaii.

Our goal is to help mitigate some of these impacts caused by climate change. Our mission is to commercialize and deliver OTEC technology. Already we are making great progress with a major project underway in The Bahamas and a further seven projects in our pipeline.

Whether you’re new to us or an existing shareholder, our mission is to help make the world a better place by commercializing the opportunities presented by OTEC technology – 24/7 renewable energy and the plentiful supply of water for drinking, fish-farming, agriculture, and industry (read more)!

We’ll start by bringing you helpful information, ideas, and technology updates.

Throughout the year, we will send you stories and insights from our shareholders, staff, and channel partners.

Do you have an idea or a story to share? Maybe you’ve heard of a community that we should support with our technology? Did you just find an idea for our technology you’d like to suggest to others? Send us your ideas and comments so we can help support each other and grow together!

There are so many opportunities for OTEC around the world and our newsletter is just one way we can share that information. Remember to check out our website for helpful and interesting information explaining our technology and how we are helping the world to cope with the many humanitarian problems caused by climate change and extreme weather.

We are building our OTEC Community and want you to be a part of it. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for our newsletter and be among the first to receive exciting company updates as they happen.

Thank you for joining our community!

Jeremy P. Feakins, Chairman of the Board