Despite United States’ Withdrawal, Hawaii Commits to Paris Climate Accord Goals

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By Jessica Santini

Hawaii’s state governor, David Y. Ige, signed two bills committing Hawaii to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving soil health, and removing carbon from the atmosphere. The bills were in accordance with the goals adopted by world leaders during the 2015 Paris Agreement, the New York Times reports.


Hawaii has a history of environmental consciousness and is even the birth place of the game-changing technology Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). It comes as no surprise that the local government continues to commit itself to bettering the overall quality of our air, land, and water through reduced carbon emissions.


Over 10 states that have joined the U.S. Climate Alliance, which is committed to “upholding the Paris accord despite the federal government’s withdrawal from it.” The alliance was announced by the governors of California, Washington, and New York, and also includes Minnesota, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Vermont.