Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation’s proprietary OTEC and SWAC plant designs have generated a robust pipeline of inquiries, global customers, and projects:

  • US Virgin Islands: Following a 2-year feasibility study, OTE has designed an OTEC system for the US Virgin Islands providing renewable energy and water for drinking, agriculture, and economic development for an entire community (EcoVillage). OTE’s OTEC system has been approved by the USVI Public Services Commission
  • US Territories in the Pacific Rim: Combined OTEC/Potable Water/Sustainable Food production opportunities - proposals submitted to the US Government and a major Defense Contractor for OTEC and/or SWAC Plants for Guam, Diego Garcia, and other Military Bases in the Asia Pacific region

  • The Philippines: Multiple OTEC/Potable Water plants – OTE has attended meetings with representatives of the Philippines government and is working with the US Department of Commerce and the US Embassy in Manila, Philippines to further discussions with several prospective business partners

  • Africa - Zanzibar, Tanzania and Ghana: OTEC/Potable Water plants - signed MoU

  • American Samoa: Signed MoU with American Samoa Power Authority and American Samoa Department of Commerce for OTE to prepare costs for several OTEC related projects including fossil-fuel free electricity, seawater, air-conditioning, and a comprehensive economic development plan utilizing the OTEC ancillary products such as potable/bottle water and high-profit aquaculture and agriculture opportunities

  • Cayman Islands: MoU and General Terms Agreement with Health City for a SWAC/Potable Water system

  • The Bahamas: SWAC plant in the Bahamas – OTE has designed a large SWAC system for the Baha Mar resort in The Bahamas. The system (when installed) will supply seawater cooling to five hotels and a 100,000 square foot casino.


If you would like to submit a project for OTE's consideration, please download the form here and email the completed form to Becky Wink Cooper.