Basic Human Necessities from OTEC and SWAC:

Water for Drinking, Fish Farming, and Agriculture

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) are much bigger than just 24/7 renewable energy without the use of fossil fuels! They can also be used to produce great volumes of fresh water for drinking, sustainable fish-farming, agriculture, and more. Water is produced by desalinating water in the OTEC and SWAC systems. 

 OTEC’S and SWAC’s unique package of energy, water, and food - the basic necessities for all humans - means our technologies can provide communities around the world with sustainable independence based upon earth’s most abundant resource: the ocean.

The Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) on the island of Hawaii administers a technology park for companies eager to use the nutrient-rich seawater brought up from the deep ocean by NELHA’s deep water OTEC and SWAC pipes. Here are just a few of the businesses and pioneers tapping into the world-changing side benefits that can be spun off from OTEC and SWAC plants – allowing Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE) to include these technologies as a part of our OTEC and SWAC plants being offered to developing nations around the world.  


Drinking Water and Agriculture – Dewpoint Systems

Dewpoint Systems finds other applications for the cold deep seawater brought up by NELHA’s OTEC and SWAC pipes. Dewpoint has developed technology that can produce clean drinking water, and uses the temperature differential concept to grow crops (such as grapes) in areas where crops can’t usually be grown. On an island with only seven days’ worth of food available at any given time, the importance of food independence cannot be overstated.

Sustainable Fish-Farming – Blue Ocean Mariculture

The nutrient-rich and virtually pathogen-free cold seawater from the deep ocean provides an optimal environment for various forms of aquaculture cultivation. Together with its sister company OceanSpar, Blue Ocean is at the forefront of developing technology for sustainable, open-ocean mariculture. Blue Ocean, which operates its hatchery at NELHA, specializes in raising several species of fish including, Yellowtail, Hiramasa, and Amberjack.

Biofuel – Cellana LLC

The nutrient-rich cold seawater from the deep ocean also provides an optimal environment for growing some of the most productive plants on earth, marine microalgae. These algae can be used to produce biofuels. When burned, the biofuels release only the CO2 that was taken from the atmosphere during the algae’s photosynthesis, and therefore, relatively environmentally benign in the event of a fuel spill. 

Bottled Water – Kona Deep

Kona Deep uses the pristine, chilly seawater brought up by NELHA’s deep water OTEC and SWAC pipes to produce superior quality bottled water, and will expand into producing sea salt, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and more.

Groundbreaking Research – Makai Ocean Engineering

A longtime pioneer in the field of renewable energy, and our Technical Partner on several projects around the world, Makai’s Ocean Engineering team provides expertise for OTEC and SWAC, ocean pipelines, planning software, and more. Makai’s collaboration with OTE continues to move us forward in developing clean energy solutions for our world.