Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation is in the planning stages of supporting environmentally benign and sustainable communities, that could be powered by OTEC. In the context of growing consumer awareness of environmental issues, there is a great need for practical, affordable communities supporting an environmental lifestyle that won't compromise modern expectations of personal comfort and social stability. We are working with a developer of an EcoVillage to be built in the Caribbean.  Our part will be to build, own and operate an OTEC system that will supply the electricity and water.


The EcoVillage lifestyle can be supported by integrated technologies and community benefit, including:

Sustainable Energy and Water

  • Each community will be a model for energy self-sufficiency. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) will provide electricity for cooling and desalinating the seawater for drinking and growing food. Sky-lights, wall mirrors, fresh air ventilation and low energy-use appliances will reduce overall energy requirements. Low-flush bathrooms and special shower heads, gray water use and rain collecting systems, all can contribute to overall low-water consumption.

Sustainable Aquaculture and Agriculture

  • Each EcoVillage community will utilize cluster housing and will enjoy organic and sustainable food produced and grown onsite. EcoVillage will channel rainfall runoff into irrigation and aquaculture ponds. Edible landscaping will provide fruits and nuts, with private areas for individual organic gardens. Community Farmers and Gardeners hired by the developer will provide expert assistance, management, cultivating and other services. Each harvest will be available in the EcoVillage Community Store and Farmers Market.

Recycling and Resource Management

  • Advanced recycling systems will eliminate most solid waste, and include recycling of household materials, purification and recirculation of water,​ and composting.

Unique Cluster Housing Design

  • In addition to conventional housing, self-contained single family studio and one-bedroom condominiums will be clustered around common activity, living, retail, health center, workshops and recreation areas. ​Private yards, patios and gardens will surround each co-housing cluster. ​Natural materials, rough sawn timbers, super-insulation, and large glass southern exposures can create beauty, energy efficiency and innovative design.

Co-Development, Design & Construction

  • The principle of sustainability implies a commitment of community members to each other and to the needs of future generations. This commitment evolves naturally whenever residents begin participating from the inception of a development project. EcoVillage employs innovative planning, design and building methods to enable home-buyers to participate in the design and construction of their own homes.

Diverse Settings

  • EcoVillage communities are planned for diverse settings, including coastal, agricultural, recreational, and urban environments. Hiking and bicycle paths will be created by eliminating unnecessary auto traffic through the communities. These settings offer beauty as well as recreational and health benefits.


  • EcoVillage will combine high technology information services with high methodology management and personal growth services. Commercial, home office and studio facilities will be available with broad bandwidth communication links.